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The Cause of Male Impotence

A considerable number of men are diagnosed with impotence, or erectile dysfunction, each year, some by medical doctors, and some in their own bedrooms as they recognize the problem's basic symptoms. But many men affected by the issue are unaware about the cause of male impotence, even though this understanding can lead to making a wiser decision about the type of treatment involved in attempting and securing a solution.

The cause of male impotence has been investigated in one way or another over the course of thousands of years, as men entering their later years –and some just approaching or living through their sexual prime-- have often come up against this problem. Some ideas have fed into social prejudices about sex and male power, suggesting that an inability to achieve or maintain an erection is an indication of lack of sexual interest or a bad conscience. However, modern science is able to explain the cause of male impotence with a much greater degree of certainty.

Erections are achieved when blood enters and fills two channels within the penis, and this event takes place when men are aroused in sexual situations. Poor blood flow and circulation, as well as psychological cues, can prevent a proper amount of blood from entering the channels, resulting in a weak or non-existent erection. Some lifestyle choices such as smoking, certain diets, and substance abuse can contribute to the potential of this problem to arise.

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