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Impotence Symptoms

While it might be commonly expected that impotence is readily recognizable by those who suffer from its effects, many men wonder about the possibility of the sexual dysfunction in their own lives, unsure as to whether they're developing an impotence symptom or if the issue is a fleeting abnormality. Visiting with a doctor or other physician can be a great way to explore the possibility of impotence in a given man's life, but making an appointment and discussing any extant sexual problems, even behind closed doors, may prove undesirable for a large number of men.

Understanding impotence symptoms first requires a basic understanding of the distinctions between physical and psychological manifestations, which can sometimes seem to blend and become difficult to isolate. Physical symptoms of impotence are fairly straightforward; men who experience difficulty achieving an erection or maintaining firmness suitable for intercourse are likely to be diagnosed with the condition, otherwise known as erectile dysfunction, though it's important to note that this occurrence may take place on rare occasions for men without the condition.

The psychological aspects of impotence are largely focused on feelings of guilt or weakness, and may lead to a negative or resentful attitude about sex. These symptoms can actually contribute to the inability to achieve and maintain erections, meaning that some men experiencing impotence may need treatment for their outlook rather than their physical equipment.

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